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    A collective investment scheme is an arrangement that involves pooling money from many investors for purposes of investing. ACL is, therefore, established to pool money together and have control of investments made out of the pooled money.

    There are many benefits of investing in a collective investment scheme and these include:

    • That many investors pool money together, small investors are accorded a chance to invest in assets which they cannot afford individually. Put simply, little amounts of money pooled together can result in big investments. Such big investments usually give high return or profit. Hence, small investors can also enjoy high returns.
    • By investing as a trust, obviously costs that come with investment are lower compared to small individual investments. The cost of investments is, therefore, shared among many investors thereby reducing the cost to an individual investor.
    • Income earned by each unit is readily available for buying additional units. This means that a trust automatically reinvests the income one’s units has earned and hence increases the return.
    • The money placed in a trust is managed by professional financial institutions with access to information including investment opportunities. This, therefore, means the trust funds are invented in safe assets.