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    Our money market broking service is an agency relationship where you, as principal, give us a mandate to invest funds on your behalf for a small fee. This service is designed to provide you with a better return by aggregating sums from a multitude of investors and pooling them to create the requisite critical mass that enables us to negotiate better rates on your behalf. There are obvious economies of scale that accrue to our investors and you also benefit from our knowledge of the market and professional management of your investment.

    Whilst the sums are pooled for purposes of investment, we have a robust asset management system that maintains a record of your individual account. Placements are made only with bona fide registered financial institutions and we provide you with confirmations of any investments made on your behalf. Please note where counterparty limits are not in place, any placements are collateralized via scrip (mostly Treasury Bills) which we retain under dual custody. We also regularly update ourselves of the financial standing of our counterparties as part of our risk management procedures. Fees are negotiable depending on market conditions, amount and tenor.

    We manage money broking transactions as agents for our clients.

    Skilled in pooling funds

    We are able to negotiate wholesale rates with all major banks. This ensures a better rate on call and fixed term deposits

    Ensure high returns

    We also tender for Treasury bills and Bonds on behalf of our clients as well as to execute secondary trades