What Alliance Capital offers you

Alliance Capital is a leading asset manager in Malawi. Since its establishment, ACL has achieved tremendous growth to offer a well-diversified portfolio of financial services that includes:

Money Market Brokerage

Our money market broking service is an agency relationship where you, as principal, give us a mandate to invest funds on your behalf for a small fee

Pension Fund Asset Management

Pensions are a key aspect of any modern society. And investment returns are crucial for sustainable and effective pension schemes

Corporate Finance & Advisory

Your transaction is important to us, regardless of size. Whether advising a private seller or managing a corporate divestiture, we provide responsive and insightful advisory

Share Investment Services

Alliance Capital Limited  is authorised by Malawi Stock Exchange to handle share transactions on behalf of its clientsas a non member institution

Portfolio Investment Management

Designed to help high networth individuals and institutional investors to manage their investment portfolios professionally

Collective Investment Schemes

A collective investment scheme is an arrangement that involves pooling money from many investors for purposes of investing and reaping the rewards