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    Apart from pension fund asset management, portfolio management and corporate finance advisory services, Alliance Capital is also registered by the Malawi Stock Exchange as a Non-Member Institution (NMI). As an NMI, Alliance Capital is authorised to handle share transactions on behalf of clients under our Share Investment Services. This includes arranging safe custody, investment advice and execution of buy or sell orders. And the great thing is that this service costs you virtually nothing apart from the normal brokerage fee charged by stockbrokers.


    Stockbroker’s commissions are regulated by the Malawi Stock Exchange and are currently as follows for both purchase and/or sale of shares.

    • On the first MK50,000.00 a maximum of 2% applies
    • On the next MK50,000.00 a maximum of 1.5% applies
    • Over MK100,000.00 a maximum of 1% applies
    • Plus a basic charge of MK50.00

    No charge. As a registered Non-Member institution (NMI) of the Malawi Stock Exchange, Alliance Capital Limited enjoys a share of the normal stockbroking commission paid by investors to stockbrokers for any buy or sale orders. So our Share Investment Service is virtually free!

    Alliance Capital simply shares in the stockbrokers commission and does not charge extra for handling your transaction. Meanwhile you enjoy professional, objective advice based on our knowledge and experience in the market.