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    Pensions are a key aspect of any modern society. And investment returns are crucial for sustainable and effective pension schemes. Members and trustees need to take an active interest in their pension schemes and the returns that their investment managers generate.

    Our Role as Pension Fund Managers

    Investment management is the professional management of various securities (shares, bonds and other securities) and assets (e.g., real estate), to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of investors. As Alliance Capital, we propose and implement, with the approval of the trustees, appropriate investment strategies based on your pension fund’s risk profile and investment goals.

    Fee Structure for Pension Fund and Portfolio Management Fees are negotiable depending on the nature of the mandate and the size of the fund.

    Alliance Capital will undertake the following on your behalf:-

    Fund analysis

    Which involves conducting an assessment on your pension funds unique circumstance, requirements and risk profile. The fund analysis can be used by the trustees to generate an appropriate investment policy with determined asset allocations and exposures.

    Portfolio construction

    After analyzing the fund profile, we will recommend appropriate investments with a view of outperforming certain benchmarks including, but not limited to, inflation, the stock market index and average money market yield.

    Investment decision-making

    We execute and ensure that investments are placed according to an agreed investment policy.

    Performance monitoring

    This involves ensuring compliance with the agreed exposures to different asset classes, proposing amendments in light of changing market conditions and making portfolio adjustments accordingly.


    Detailed reporting and presentations to trustees is normally done on a quarterly basis, with monthly portfolio schedules and valuations containing the various assets of the fund. Fund performance is the acid test of fund management and trustees must ensure that the fund’s performance is measured appropriately against set benchmarks, inflation, indices and other funds.