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We want to strategically position ourselves as an innovative leading player in pension fund management, collective investment schemes, individual and institutional portfolio management, money market brokerage and corporate financial advisory services. Provision of these services shall be anchored by our ability to add value to clients’ portfolios through a combination of superior investment decisions and responsiveness to client needs.

Our key competitive advantage in penetrating the market will continue to be based on:-

  • Research based and well thought out investment decision making
  • Setting clearly defined risk
  • Investment return with agreed portfolio mixes and performance benchmarking
  • Accountability and transparency to the customer with provision of detailed information on client account activity, performance and charges.
  • Differentiation on the basis of offering a full range of activities e.g. offshore hard currency investments and property management.
  • Providing accurate and prompt reporting within agreed timeframes
  • Security of investments backed by our professional approach, adherence to good governance and best practice( e.g. having an in-house investment management committee and appointment of independent scrip custodian).

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